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It’s always lots of fun to attend clothing markets. This is where I can see what’s new in men’s custom clothing, whether that’s fabrics, styles, or trends. A few weeks ago the Southern Clothing Market took place in Charlotte. It is incredible to think that markets like this have been around since the 1940s!

This year I was introduced to some new and exciting performance fabrics, a new color trend, and some fabulous sport jacket and pant combos. Scroll down for a sneak peek!

As always, if you’re interested in a personal consultation give me a call at 919-349-6524 or schedule an appointment here.

History of the Men's Apparel Club of the Carolinas

Pictured: Rob and a colleague at the Southern Clothing Market.

In 1940, a group of salesmen who traveled the Carolinas met in Charlotte at the Hotel Charlotte and started the Men's Apparel Club of the Carolinas (MAC for short).

Shows like the Southern Clothing Market got their start when MAC sponsored the very first buying market in response to the gasoline shortage brought about by the war. Carpooling made it possible for merchants to attend these regional shows and meet with salesmen. It's still an event that clothiers look forward to attending. This year there was quite a lot of talk about Technical Fabrics.

What is Technical Fabric?

Blending different fabrics to take advantage of their best properties is what technical fabrics are all about. The results are fabrics with interesting textures, distinct comfort and great performance.

Be looking for a trend toward green fabrics like these swatches from Dormeuil. We have many options in stock.

Perfect for everyday wear, these great 5 pocket pants in solid colors with contrasting stitching are paired with stylish sport jackets in complimentary plaids.

Make an appointment with Rob to talk about all the customization options on these pants including stitching, buttons and more!

Super Lightweight Wool For Summer

Drago Blue Feel - A great breathable and wrinkle-resistant fabric with natural stretch making it a great fabric for remaining cool and composed even during humid and warm summer temperatures. Think of summer weddings! Plan now and look your best.

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