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Blazer versus Sport Coat

Sport Coat

A sport coat is considered the least formal jacketing option when it comes to dressing up for an event. They are typically patterned. Historically, men wore sport coats while they were hunting or doing other sporting activities, as sport coats are designed to be less structured and fitted than your traditional jackets. Unstructured sport coats have gained popularity for a more casual look. You can even layer a sweater and a long sleeve button down underneath a sport coat.


A blazer is dressier than a sport coat but still a versatile wardrobe piece. Typically, blazers come in a solid color. In fact, when you hear the word "blazer" you probably think of a navy blue jacket with brass buttons. Today you can find blazers in all different colors. Blazers usually come in 2-3 button single-breasted or 6-button double-breasted varieties. The fashion now is not to use gold/silver metal buttons; Rob likes beveled or solid colored buttons with some contrast.

Suit Coat

Let’s not get either the sport coat or the blazer confused with the most formal jacket you can wear — a suit coat. Suit coats by definition have a matching pair of trousers and slacks. Current fashion is to wear a suit coat as a blazer/sport coat if you choose the right buttons. Since guys aren't wearing suits as often these days, this allows the jacket to be a more versatile garment. However; Rob doesn't recommend wearing the coat and trouser separately too often since this may affect how the suit wears.


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