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When the Groom is a Butler

My son Preston was married recently, and of course the Groom and Groomsmen were sporting #ButlerCustom attire! Here are just a few select photos that really reflect the magic of that special day. If you or someone you know is getting married in the next year or two, you know who to call!  Add 919-349-6524 to your Contacts now — that's my personal cell number. I'd love to help! You can also request an appointment online anytime, at

Now, without further ado... Introducing Preston and Garret Butler!

The suits and ties matched, but every Groomsman chose his own coat lining and contrast thread color on the lapel and sleeve buttonholes. Only Preston (the Groom) wore a vest.

You don't have to be a Butler to dress like one! Request an appointment now to talk about your individual wardrobe needs!

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