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Get Your Pants On!

SPRING OFFER: Buy three or more trousers and get 20% off the total — Includes all fabric ranges and styles (Dress and Casual) Offer ends on June 20, 2023. Learn more now.

FEATURED FABRIC COLLECTION: Performance Luxe Super 130s

The finest Super 130s wool are intimately blended with a performance yarn in a 70/30 ratio. This achievement imparts the cloth with a superior hand, flowing drape, and remarkable wrinkle recovery. This fabric is one of our best selling for trousers, but is also available for suits and jackets.

Clean out the old closet!

Now is the perfect time to clean out your old closet and update your wardrobe with our top-quality trousers. We guarantee that our custom fit pants will not only look great but also make you feel more comfortable and confident.

Have a Wedding Coming Up? It’s time to get ready to look your best on that special day. We offer special packages for grooms and their wedding parties. Delivery times can vary depending on fabrics but typically allow for 5 to 6 weeks to receive your outfits. So call 919-349-6524 now to get more details and schedule an appointment.


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